The Beachcomber

Assembly Highlights Importance of Resilience

Jack Soroka | October 20, 2021

The guidance department presented to an assembly of sophomores and juniors on Oct. 6th about the importance of  coping and resilience. SAY Counselor Heidi Tolchinsky led the assembly. “Resilience is a lot of things,” she said. “An important...

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School Board Considers ‘Vax or Test’ Proposal

Brooklyn Bennett, Staff Writer | October 13, 2021

The Shaker Heights School Board voted on Tuesday to mandate staff members to get vaccinated. Cincinnati Public Schools approved a rule on Sept. 13 requiring staff to get vaccinated or submit weekly tests.  Beachwood may be next.  Superintendent...

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Club Supports International Students

Sanket Makkar, Staff Writer | October 6, 2021

The International Students Club was formed last year by senior Ran Duan in order to provide English learning help and a caring community for international students and English Language Learners (ELLs). According to Duan, many international students...

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New Schedule Brings Later Start Time, No Block Periods

Evelyn Zhang, Staff Writer | October 5, 2021

The pandemic changed a lot of things last year, including our schedule. This year’s schedule reverts to a pre-COVID five day week schedule with a few major changes. Though everyone’s happy to be back in school with a relatively stable schedule,...

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New Students Supported Through Wednesday Breakfast Program

Anah Khan, Staff Writer | September 30, 2021

On the morning of Sept. 15, BHS English teachers gathered in the Bistro and introduced themselves to new students.  Students and staff members sat laughing and discussing classes over bagels and fruit.  The breakfast was part of the New Student...

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Making Connections at Leadership Conference

Kali Phelps, Shreya Chellu , and Amy Zhou | September 21, 2021

The BHS Leadership Conference was held Sept. 11 and 12 at the high school. 88 students attended. Students particularly enjoyed the motivational speaker Ted Wiese. "My favorite part of the program was Ted, who came on the last day," freshman Leo...

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…and it Ended in Flames

Carrington Peavy, Editor-in-Chief | May 30, 2021

On June 27, 2019, Beachwood patrol officer Blake Rogers shot at a 20-year-old Jaquan Jones, who was suspected of stealing a $59 hat fromDillards at the Beachwood Mall. At the time of the shooting, Jones was fleeing in a stolen car and turned sharply...

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District Honors Diverse Identities With Monthly Heritage Banners

Anna Lonzer, Staff Writer | May 27, 2021

In the past several months, students have seen banners hanging on the light posts outside of Beachwood school buildings. The faces and names rotate monthly to honor the district’s diverse cultures and identity groups. “The project is a part of...

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Climate Action Team Heads Coalition to Build Rainbow, Raise Awareness

Samah Khan, Staff Writer | May 25, 2021

The BHS Climate Action Team, together with the MAC Scholars, the GSA and the CEC Club are currently working together to “build a rainbow” made from plastic bottle caps and lids.  “Actually, our hope is that with help, we can build one for every...

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Six Incredible Seasons

Tal Rothberg, News Editor | May 7, 2021

Coach Damien Creel resigned in January after six years and six incredible seasons leading Bison Football.  Creel has accepted a job coaching at Lorain High School.  Initially he  planned to stay on as a physical education teacher at Beachwood,...

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