The Beachcomber

Kashmir: The Real Story

Sanjana Murthy, Staff Writer | November 24, 2019

India and Pakistan have fought a number of wars and skirmishes since the 1947 partition. The conflict over Kashmir has been the cause of much of the fighting. Demographics The Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir consists of three regions: Jammu, Kashmir...

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TEACH Program Trains Future Educators

Prerna Mukherjee, Managing Editor | November 11, 2019

The TEACH (Teacher Education and Children’s Health) Excel TECC program offers students the opportunity to learn about childhood education and to gain experience to prepare them for a career working with children.  The program is open to students...

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Educators Consider the Pros and Cons of Cell Phones in the Classroom

Roberto DeMarchi, Staff Writer | November 3, 2019

As cell phones have become increasingly omnipresent and powerful, schools, including BHS, must try to strike a balance between what is useful and what is disruptive as far as electronics are concerned. “The district is very concerned about students...

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Same School, Different Levels

Carrington Peavy, Features Editor | September 28, 2019

Beachwood City Schools is a thriving and diverse school district home to a population of over 1,500 students.  The district is ranked #6 in Ohio, according to the most recent school report card data. BHS earned four A’s and two B’s on the state’s...

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China-Taiwan Conflict: The View From Beachwood

Roberto DeMarchi, Staff Writer | September 23, 2019

As tensions between Taiwan and China simmer, students at Beachwood have mixed, subdued feelings on the matter. “‘I’m not too patriotic, but I won’t be happy if Taiwan is integrated into China,” said Jesse Wu, whose family is from Taiwan. ...

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Hate Crime on the Rise

Prerna Mukherjee, Managing Editor | September 20, 2019

David Johnson went back-to-school shopping with his wife and granddaughter on Aug. 3 at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas. Arturo Benavides, a war veteran, was checking out at the cash register. Jordan Anchondo was shopping with her husband with their two-month-old...

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Indian Military Moves Into Kashmir Region and Human Rights Move Out

Hiba Ali, Staff Writer | September 20, 2019

Death and despair are visible in the artwork of Kashmiri children who have been exposed to violence in the region of Kashmir, now controlled by the Indian military. These images indicate evidence of extreme trauma, according to the BBC.  "I cannot...

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Protecting Lives or Protecting Guns?

Amy Chen, Staff Writer | September 18, 2019

Only 13 hours after the Aug. 3 shooting in El Paso, Texas, a 24-year old opened fire on a crowded street in Dayton, Ohio. Within 32 seconds, 27 were wounded, including 10 now reported dead. This is one more tragic episode in a long string of mass shootings...

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Students Weigh-in On 2020 Election

Joe Spero, Sports Editor | September 16, 2019

Although the 2020 election is over a year away, many students are already engaged in the process. “There is a really great field [of candidates]” sophomore Greg Perryman said.  “There are a lot of talented people whom I can see as our president,”...

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Confronting Our Sexual Harassment Culture

Elizabeth Metz, Editor-at-Large | May 26, 2019

I. A Life-Changing Moment Taylor woke up on a sunny, beautiful morning in May of her senior year, 2018. She made herself breakfast, running slightly behind schedule. Taylor drove herself to school, not knowing her life would soon be changed forever. Later...

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