Beachwood Losing Over 300 Years of Experience With these Educators’ Retirements

Beachwood Losing Over 300 Years of Experience With these Educators Retirements

BHS will be a very different place in the fall without these familiar faces.

Science Teacher Lisa Bugenske, by Daniella Portner

“We’ve already got some trips planned: backpacking in the upper peninsula of Michigan; we’re going to do a safari in South Africa and a possibility of Portugal,” Bugenske said. (Shreya Chellu)

Choir Teacher Darlene Haight, by Ritika Iyer

Haight performing with the student-teacher band at White & Gold 2019. Photo from Beachcomber archives by Emily May.

Interpreter Coordinator Mark Howdieshell, by Allie Rindsberg

Howdieshell recently received an educator excellence award from the Northeast Ohio Educational Service Center. (Alex Bravo)

Math Teacher Jeff Luce, by Lyndia Zheng

“Here at Beachwood you didn’t need to explain why they were learning this,” Luce said. “No one asked that because people were invested in education here.” (Jaycob Zabell)

Health Teacher Kim Nowak, by Alma Saltzman

“You guys have a lot of support in the school, in the community you have lots of protective factors,” Nowak said. “You have a lot of people who care and I think that it prepares you for college.” (Shreya Chellu)

History Teacher John Perse, by Elijah Kriwinsky and Jack Soroka

“For me coaching and teaching were very similar,” Perse said. “[They are both about] motivating students to accept [a] challenge.”  (Jaycob Zabell)

Educational Assistant Jackie Scotese, by Alex Bravo

“It gives me hope to see how this district embraces different cultures,” Scotese said. “I feel  fortunate to be a part of this community.” (Alex Bravo)

ASL Teacher Sharon Weisman, by Elijah Kriwinsky

Weisman pioneered Beachwood’s ASL curriculum. (Shreya Chellu)

Math Teacher Lena Willner, by Jacob Tannenbaum

“I’ve done everything from using a mimeograph machine to putting in homework assignments online via virtual lessons,” Willner said. (Jaycob Zabell)

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