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Jovita Idár served as a nurse for the army and crossed the border into Mexico in 1913 during the Mexican Revolution.
10 Hispanic Americans You Should Know
Hiba Ali, Features Editor • October 13, 2020

Hispanic Heritage month is celebrated in the United States from Sept. 15 to Oct. 15. The dates correspond to the independence celebrations of several Latin American countries. Here are ten notable Hispanic Americans that you should be aware of: ...

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Sunny Wang fights for control of the ball in last year
An Emotional Roller Coaster for Fall Athletes
Noah Weiskopf, with additional reporting by Brooklyn Hollimon and Yang Yu

Athletes were looking forward to their fall season throughout the summer.  But in late July, Beachwood Athletic Director Ryan Peters emailed students to notify them that the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (CCBH) recommended that sports discontinue...

Maddie Alexander won first place in high jump at the 2019 regional tournament.
The Stolen Season
May 11, 2020
Young Team Makes a Mark
Young Team Makes a Mark
February 6, 2020
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What I Wish You Knew: The Birds and the Weaves

Elizabeth Metz, Multimedia Editor | December 13, 2019

 The Beachcomber is launching a new web series, What I Wish You Knew, focused on the politics of identity. In this first episode, directed by Elizabeth Metz, students Nadia Hall, Kamryn Clark, J'khai James, Jaylah Fellows, Kye Johnson, Brooklyn Hollimon, Tiani Allen and Dior Edwards speak their truths addressing the stigma surrounding black hair. For centuries, people of African descent have been...

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