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“Playing outside is the safest place, and we use extra protection like bell covers, face shields and masks with slits cut in them just enough to allow the mouthpiece of the instruments through,” Band Director David Luddington said.
Playing Through the Pandemic
Anna Lonzer, London Pope, and Yasharth Pandey • October 29, 2020

There is very little that is normal this year. Given the need to keep everyone safe by wearing masks and social distancing, Beachwood’s extracurricular programs have been forced to adjust.  Band  Band director David Luddington explained how...

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Bison Defeat Warrensville Tigers, Advance to Third Round of Playoffs
Bison Defeat Warrensville Tigers, Advance to Third Round of Playoffs
Noah Weiskopf, Sports Editor

The Bison football team defeated the Warrensville Tigers in the second round of the playoffs at home on Friday night 28-8.  Warrensville started the game with a lot of pre-snap penalties. However, the first drive of the game resulted in a 33 yard...

Maddie Alexander won first place in high jump at the 2019 regional tournament.
The Stolen Season
May 11, 2020
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What I Wish You Knew: The Birds and the Weaves

Elizabeth Metz, Multimedia Editor | December 13, 2019

 The Beachcomber is launching a new web series, What I Wish You Knew, focused on the politics of identity. In this first episode, directed by Elizabeth Metz, students Nadia Hall, Kamryn Clark, J'khai James, Jaylah Fellows, Kye Johnson, Brooklyn Hollimon, Tiani Allen and Dior Edwards speak their truths addressing the stigma surrounding black hair. For centuries, people of African descent have been...

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