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Online Bullying a Persistent Problem For Some Students

Grace Warner, Staff Writer December 16, 2015

It’s everywhere. With just one click onto a social media account, students see bullying. By posting unflattering pictures, hateful texts or mean comments, teens can damage one another’s self-confidence...

Assistant coach Jove Tse, Co-President Samantha Shaffer and sophomore Daniel Mishins at the Chagrin Falls and Solon speech and debate tournament. Photo courtesy of Steven Shaffer.

Speech & Debate Club Enriches Minds

Dalia Zullig, Online Editor-in-Chief December 14, 2015

Speech and debate practice on a Monday afternoon is hectic. The room is loud, as students bounce ideas off one another and crack jokes. English teacher and head coach Nicole Majercak sits at her desk,...

Eating to Win

Eating to Win

Lynn Jiao, Staff Writer December 9, 2015

Given all the class work, sports practices and extracurricular activities occurring in a high school athlete’s life, nutrition might not be a priority.  However, research from the National Institutes...

Burwell in June on the Appalachian Trail in northern Va. Photo courtesy of Joe Burwell.

Where Are They Now? Joe Burwell Edition

Phil Schnee, Sports Editor October 2, 2015

Like many of the teachers who "graduated" last spring, former science teacher Joe Burwell is taking full advantage of his retirement. “I have definitely enjoyed my time off so far,” Burwell said....

Srinivasan in her last dance of the evening. Photo by Ravi Sunderrajan.

Swathi Srinivasan Stuns With Classical Indian Dance Performance

Dalia Zullig, Online Editor-in-Chief August 13, 2015

Walking into the small lobby of the auditorium at Cuyahoga Community College’s Metro Campus on Saturday, June 27 was like being transported to India. The room was packed with South Asian families...

Image by Jinle Zhu.

With Increased Academic Pressure, Stress is a Mental Health Issue

Nationally, levels of teen stress are on the rise. The American Psychological Association’s 2014 Stress in America survey found that millennials were the most stressed generation. One potential stressor...

Image by Raquel Wu

Podcast: When Parents Split, Teens Lives are Changed Forever

Alex Cala, Phil Schnee, and Aden Stern, Staff Writers June 4, 2015

Divorce has a tremendous impact on the lives of American children. According to Scientific American, 1.5 million children each year join the group of minors that are affected by divorce. Studies...

Sophomore Claire Bruening works on construction for the BHS robotics team. Photo by Bradford Douglas.

Breaking the Glass Beaker

Cathy Perloff, Editor-in-Chief April 30, 2015

When math teacher Jessica Kellogg arrived at her upper level college math classes, she knew she was in a man's world. Her teachers were male; her peers were male; even the tutors at the support center...

Greg Perry's junior achievement marketing class sold commemorative beech leaves to local businesses. Some of the leaves are on display at the Beachwood Community Center. Photo by Bradford Douglas.

Beachwood Celebrates Centennial With Leaves, Trees and More

Emily Topilow, Features Editor April 29, 2015

This is the big year for Beachwood. The city turns 100 and the City Recreation Department is holding events every month. “[The residents] are very proud of their community,” Community Service Director...

Summers spoke at the Thanksgiving assembly this fall.

From Fowler to Pamplona

Alex Cala, Staff Writer February 13, 2015
Summers’ family owned almost 200 acres. His jobs included planting and harvesting crops such as corn, oats and wheat. He tended to the cattle, and in the summer he baled hay.
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Diversity Increases in School District

Jinle Zhu, Staff Writer December 19, 2014

In recent years, Beachwood’s population of  students from immigrant families has increased, along with the number of countries these students represent. According to census data from 2000, Beachwood’s...

Image sources: Ohio Treasurer's Office, Ohio House of Representatives, and courtesy of Francine Goldberg. Photoshop by Jinle Zhu.

BHS Alumni Win Big on Election Night

Grant Gravagna, News Editor December 17, 2014

For three BHS alumni, election night 2014 was one to remember. Armond Budish, Class of 1971, Francine Goldberg, Class of 1982, and Josh Mandel, Class of 1996, all succeeded in their bid for election...

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