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Science teacher Lisa Bugenske described a lack of female peers and role models in her time as an engineering student at University of Michigan and during her career at General Electric. Photo by Gabriela Colovan Costa.

Female STEM Students Encouraged to Defy Expectations

Cameron Godfrey, Staff Writer March 9, 2017

According to the U.S. Dept. of Commerce (DOC), women hold nearly half of all jobs in the United States, but less than 25% of jobs related to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The Economics...

Betsy DeVos speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Feb. 2017. Photo by Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons.

Federal Move Towards Vouchers Could Cut Into School District Budgets

Dalia Zullig, Editor-in-Chief March 8, 2017

Betsy DeVos was confirmed by the Senate on Feb. 7 to the position of Secretary of Education, with the tie-breaking vote cast by Vice President Mike Pence. At her confirmation hearing DeVos demonstrated...

According to the American Psychological Association, more than 90% of children from the ages of 2 to 17 play video games. Photo by Shane K. via Wikimedia Commons.

Exploring the Impacts of Video Game Use

Tyler Pohlman and Parker Gill December 15, 2016

Video games have become a staple of childhood and adolescent entertainment. According to the American Psychological Association, more than 90% of children from the ages of 2 to 17 play video games. Freshman...

Ohio’s school funding formula has been ruled unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court, but the state legislature has never addressed the problem.  Image by Livi Eppell.

Inequitable School Funding a Persistent Problem in Ohio

Alex Cala, Opinion Editor December 14, 2016

School funding is something that doesn’t receive nearly as much attention as it should. However, for some students, it can be the difference between having a full-time school nurse or a music class,...

11,000 Miles to Beachwood

Ofek Hyer, Staff Writer October 15, 2016

The sun bakes down violently on the dry desert of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and on the girl wearing the black hijab. But she is used to the heat. She is used to wearing the black, heat-absorbing cloth. She...

“It’s always nice to go up to the top of the market and look down,” senior Simone Rackmill said. Photo courtesy of Greg Deegan.

Exploring the City With the Cleveland Club

Rihab Ali, Staff Writer October 7, 2016

Social studies teacher Greg Deegan and the Cleveland club traveled downtown on Friday, Oct. 30. The plan was to go to the Flats East Bank, but Cleveland’s weather did not cooperate. Due to rain, the...

Statics from RAINN. Infographic by Jinle Zhu

A Problem That Needs To Be Faced

Gabriela Covolan Costa, Image Editor and Staff Writer August 28, 2016

People don’t like to talk about sexual assault. According to staff members at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center (CRCC), rape is an issue that needs to be discussed, because our society silences sexual...

Physics teacher Michael Lerner demonstrates properties of light, holding a concave mirror up to his class and asking students, “what do you see?” Photo by Yuke Zheng


Yuke Zheng, Staff Writer May 19, 2016
Long before he taught physics in Beachwood, Michael Lerner left home to teach abroad in post-Communist Warsaw—in the process, he learned to grapple with uncertainty.
The team

Destination Imagination Offers Creative and Fun Competitions

Clarissa Djohari, News Editor April 27, 2016

At the Ohio Destination Imagination (DI) tournament on April 16, two BHS teams placed sixth and seventh out of 17 teams in the improvisational challenge. Flaming Marshmallowzzzz, the team that placed...

Last year, Srinivasan won first place in the chemistry category and also won grand prize at the Northeast Ohio Science and Engineering Fair (NEOSEF). Srinivasan was also a finalist for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. Photo courtesy of Swathi Srinivasan.

Junior Swathi Srinivasan Invents Heating System for Premature Infants, Wins Prize From MIT

Sydney Eisenberg, Staff Writer February 22, 2016

Earlier this month, BHS junior Swathi Srinivasan traveled to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology as a National Finalist for the MIT THINK Scholars Program. Srinivasan was selected as one of five...

Science Olympiad students take practice tests to prepare for competition. Image courtesy of Beachwood Science Olympiad.

Experience Pays Off For Science Olympiad

Jinle Zhu, News Editor February 11, 2016

On a Friday after school in January, room 705 is crowded and bustling with activity. A line of multi-colored backpacks are stacked haphazardly against the back counter. A drill buzzes at one end of the...

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