Lady Bison Soccer Dominates

The Lady Bison soccer team is winding down their regular season. 

The team has fought hard for a strong record of 7-3-4 after making a name for themselves with a record-setting season last year.

Senior co-captain Sophie Karl commented that the team has improved on offense.

“Before we couldn’t get the ball, but now we can pass the ball around and have control,” she said.

Karl added that the team still needs to improve in finishing and scoring.

Senior co-captain Carly Petti added that teamwork has improved.

“I think we improved technically, and we work together more. We have a different bond than we did last year.”

Junior goalie Madison Prince added that the team has improved in communicating and passing to each other compared to before. 

Sophomore Aaliyah Edwards explained that players have gotten closer through the season. 

“I think that we’ve gotten closer as a team, which made us work harder and communicate better,” she said.

Players that have stood out this year include Prince, senior Ashley Perryman and sophomore Sydney Sarver.

“Madison Prince has saved us multiple times,” Petti said. “When we are in a crunch she always makes a save. She always helps us. She’s a smart player.” 

“Ashley is an amazing defender. She’s helped us so many times,” Karl added. “She legally slide tackles people. Sydney’s ability to finish, she has the most goals this year.”

The final two games of the season will be 5:00 tomorrow at home against North Akron and Oct. 10 against Laurel at the Laurel Butler Campus at 5:00.