Cross Country Team Strives to Outpace Opponents

Cross Country Team Strives to Outpace Opponents

Gordon Hong

Rena Andrews pulls ahead at the Orange meet.

Cross country athletes underwent strenuous training all summer, most running more than 114 miles, and some running as many as 150 during the summer months.

This hard work has paid off, but, the cross-country team has also faced challenges this year. The team has not been able to run at home due to the high school renovation. BHS students and staff have had to attend away meets in order to support the team. In addition, many of the meets this year has been run on muddy courses.

The most impressive performance so far was at Orange High School on Sept. 3. The boys’ team did extremely well, with seniors Isaiah Watts and Aaron Friedman taking first and second place respectively, and the overall team finishing in 3rd.

Watts had a time of 18:20 at this challenging course. Watts said, “Everyone came together, and the race went very well.”

The girls’ team also did quite well at Orange, with senior Rena Andrews leading the Bison in fifth place with a time of 22:10.

Another leader of the girls’ team, junior Julia Friedman, did quite well at Orange but had to run through injuries.

Cross-country coach Jamie Lader was also quite pleased with the performance; however, he said that there is always room for improvement. When discussing competition and opposing teams, Lader said, “For every step they make, we need to make a step and a half.” With this motto in mind, the BHS cross-country team strives to outpace their opponents.

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