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The student news site of Beachwood High School.

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The student news site of Beachwood High School.

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Green Dream Teams with Katie Spotz to Provide Fresh Water


The BHS Green Dream has teamed up with extreme adventurer Katie Spotz in order to provide clean drinking water to rural areas in Kenya. Marketing students are collecting donations in plastic bottles in every classroom.

On Jan. 11, Spotz spoke to students about the importance of goal setting. A native of Mentor, Spotz described her adventures rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, swimming the length of the Allegheny River and cycling across the United States. She feels her adventures prove that when individuals put effort into something important, they can achieve many things, not only for themselves, but for people in need.

“Kids in rural areas all around the world fight for water, which we waste every single day,” said senior Alex Hohl, CEO of The Green Dream. Something that we take for granted, they walk four miles a day for and would die for. It doesn’t make sense and it’s not fair.”

Spotz is working with nine area schools to raise a minimum of $3500. If the schools are able to meet that goal, Fairmount Minerals will match it and turn all of the funds into pennies. Spotz’s next goal is to break the world record for the longest line of pennies: seven miles. Unsure where she will do this, she is looking for volunteers to help with set up.

“The Green Dream’s goal is to promote health and wellness,” said Perry. “[We encourage people to] buy hybrid cars, shop at organic bakeries, and to start going ‘green’.”

On April 20, the Green Dream will hold its annual expo at the Beachwood Community Center. Sponsored by many health and eco-friendly businesses, the Green Dream hopes to encourage many citizens to become more ‘green’ by using their slogan, “It starts with one.”

In every classroom of BHS, there is a container to be used for collecting any change that students may want to donate.

“We also take cash. Coins are not the only thing we accept. If someone wants to offer a $5 bill, that is wonderful,” said Perry. “We want more of a kick with this competition. We recently got access to a water fountain, I cannot disclose its location, but [the owners] were kind enough to give the Green Dream the coins inside to add to our collection.”

In an interview with Anderson Cooper, Spotz described the hardest thing about rowing across the Atlantic Ocean: “By far it was the mental component,” she said. “There comes a point where physically, your body does adjust, but it’s really the mind that keeps you going day after day. I think back on land I do have a greater appreciation for some of the things I’ve taken for granted, maybe just like the creature comforts. I’ve definitely become more open and accepting and patient. Being out there for 70 days, there is so much that can happen outside of your control.”

“I love the fact that she has not only accomplished her life dreams but is also reaching back to help other people,” said Senior Anthony Valentine.

Spotz is not currently on any adventure, but plans on doing something again to support her cause. Follow her on Twitter @KatieSpotz and keep up with her while she takes on more challenges.

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