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Administration Confronts Sexual Harassment and Assault

Beachcomber Staff December 6, 2019

How Well-Cooked Are You?

A human's brain replaced with steak, illustrated by the author.
Amy Chen, Online Editor-In-Chief November 6, 2019

An Open Letter to Student Council

Class of 2019 commencement at Severance Hall color codes the gender binary.
Alice Soprunova, Staff Writer October 23, 2019

An Open Letter to the President

President Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at a joint press conference in Feb. 2017.
Joseph Berkowitz, Staff Writer September 22, 2019

How Extremism Threatens Civilization

Yoav Pinhasi, Staff Writer September 19, 2019

How to Succeed in High School

Guidance secretary Katie Cicero-Sega warmly greets visitors to the guidance office.
Bridgitte Feldman, Enterprise Editor September 10, 2019

Exposing the Hidden Costs of Litter

Alyssa Murphy and Miranda Desatnik May 22, 2019

There’s Beauty in the Binary

Is keeping to the lines of binary gender so bad?
Ruth Brown, Staff Writer May 17, 2019

The Tragedy of Netanyahu’s Victory

Netanyahu pictured in 2015.
Jared Zullig, Staff Writer May 14, 2019

Five Things I Wish I’d Known

A school nexus is dependent on two things: a proven connection between the misconduct and the school's best interest as well as a substantial disruption of school operations.
Orly Einhorn, Opinion Editor April 27, 2019

Memories of a Superhero Teacher

Arthur Gugick posing in Kyoto, Japan, Sept. 2017.
Nicole Breger, Staff Writer April 17, 2019
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