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The student news site of Beachwood High School.

The Beachcomber

The student news site of Beachwood High School.

The Beachcomber

By utilizing a combination of luck, collaboration, innovation and sweat, the team transforms what was initially a pipe-dream into reality.

Mission Mangal Soars With Inspirational Story

Sanket Makkar, Staff Writer May 16, 2022

Welcome to Bollywood Gems, a series where I, an experienced Bollywood film viewer, review Bollywood films for quality and beginner-friendliness. Today I will be reviewing 2019’s Mission Mangal, which...

Mukherjee transitions from John Lennon to Black Sabbath.

White & Gold is Back

Ori Balkan, Staff Writer May 9, 2022

The White & Gold variety show, performed April 30, included a number of vocal and instrumental acts. Considering the show has not been performed live since 2019, it seemed extremely professional. The...

Lata Mangeshkar pictured at her birthday concert in 2011.

Remembering Lata Mangeshkar

Sanket Makkar, Staff Writer April 1, 2022

Lata Mangeshkar was an eight-decade Indian cultural phenomenon who launched her singing career at age 13 and continued it until her death at the age of 92 on Feb. 6 of this year. Mangeshkar was well...

Seymour (Ian Ward) complains to Audrey II (Puppeteer Austyn Stout, Voice by Jonah Kaminsky) about her voracious appetite.

‘Little Shop of Horrors’ Delights Audiences

Michael Karpov, Arts & Life Editor March 28, 2022

The BHS Bison Theater presented Little Shop of Horrors on March 11-13. This comic and horrific musical tells the story of Seymour, an orphan who works in a plant shop. Life in the plant shop is sadly...

Ben Bosler (Class of 2021) performing with the teacher band at the last in-person White & Gold show in 2019.

White & Gold Returns to in-Person Performance

Ori Balkan, Staff Writer March 8, 2022

The  annual BHS talent show White & Gold will return on April 30 after a two-year break from the stage.  “It’s sort of a mixture between a talent show and a variety show,” White & Gold...

Senior Ian Ward plays Seymour Krelborn, a florist who discovers a flesh-eating plant and names it after the woman he longs for.

Drama Club Presents Little Shop of Horrors

Michael Karpov, Arts & Life Editor February 23, 2022

The Bison Theater will present Little Shop of Horrors on Friday, March 11, at 7 p.m., and Saturday, March 12, at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.  Much of the cast of this comic and exciting “rock and roll horror”...

Guru is a fictional character whose story seems to closely parallel the real life story of the late Indian millionaire Dhirubhai Ambani.

Watch Guru for the Story and Acting, Not for the Song and Dance

Sanket Makkar, Staff Writer January 12, 2022

Guru is a 2007 hit Bollywood drama that follows the story of Gurukant Desai and his journey from rags to riches and eventually to corruption.  Guru is a fictional character whose story seems to closely...

The plot is altered so that Rapunzel’s mother drinks the moon drop flower instead of the sun drop flower.

Twisted Tales Reimagines Rapunzel in ‘What Once Was Mine’

Hiba Ali, Editor-in-Chief January 11, 2022

Twisted Tales is a series that inserts alternative plot elements into Disney movies to imagine how they play out.  This installment, written by Elizabeth Braswell, retells the tale of Rapunzel, or...

Wadsworth crumples to his death after being shot by agent Larry Goodman.

Details Drive Success of Fall Production “Clue”

Moonhee Kim, Staff Writer November 29, 2021

“Clue” is a muder mystery based on the board game and 1985 film. The plot follows the course of a dinner party, where six guests are invited and held hostage, as they eventually discover, by their...

Squid Game is a show about a group of people, mostly broke and in debt, who decide to enter a contest to win 45.6 billion won (38,793,653 USD).

Is ‘Squid Game’ Worth the Watch?

November 19, 2021

No doubt you have at least heard of Netflix's popular K-drama. If by some chance you haven't watched it yet, check out our reviewers' takes on the show. Amy Zhou focuses on the show's commentary on...

Play the game and follow its rules; play the game to get to the next round. If you cannot follow those directions, players are told, you will be eliminated.

‘Squid Game’ Surprises With Betrayal and Suspense

Jack Soroka, Staff Writer November 19, 2021

Squid Game is a show about a group of people, mostly broke and in debt, who decide to enter a contest to win 45.6 billion won (38,793,653 USD).  The contest is simple.   Play the game and follow...

It made me so frustrated to see how many of the players are willing to continue to play this life-risking game, all for a miniscule chance of actually winning.

‘Squid Game’ Exposes the Depth of Human Greed

Amy Zhou, Staff Writer November 19, 2021

After succumbing to the nagging of friends and the influence of online ratings and constant advertising, I have watched Netflix’s Korean drama series Squid Game.  Now, I will admit, at first I was...

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