My Top 5 Spring Break Binge List



Teen favorite On My Block returns to Netflix on March 29.

Spring break again… It is too short, but it means we’re one step closer to summer.

Many BHS students are traveling in super-warm places like Florida or South Carolina; others, like me, are staying home in Cleveland picking up hours at work and sleeping in till noon.

Although no one wants to stay in if you’re on vacation in the sun, it’s cold here in Beachwood, so it’s a good time to binge watch a new TV show or find a great movie.

So here are my top five Netflix recommendations for your binge watching list:

1. On My Block Season 2 TV-14

On My Block returns on March 29. This coming-of-age series focuses on a group of lifelong friends who are now entering high school and dealing with the challenges of holding on to friendships and romance while growing up in South Central L.A. in the midst of gang violence.

2. The Order TV-MA

This Netflix original premiered March 7. The Order is another perfect combination of romance, drama and occult fiction. Broken up into 10 episodes, the Order is about  teenager Jack Morton, who enters college with a full scholarship to Belgrave University where he plans to join  the Order and avenge the death of his mother due to his father’s (who is the leader of the Order) manipulation. Along Morton’s journey at Belgrave, he encounters new bonds, new love and a whole new world of mythical creatures.

3. Northern Rescue TV-14

Another Netflix original, Northern Rescue tells the story of  the West family as they lose the one thing that held them together: their mother. Adjusting to a new life, this family, consisting of three kids and their widowed father, move to live in the town where it all began. Unlocking truths and coming face to face with the past, the West family must stay strong while facing these challenges.

4.The Umbrella Academy TV-14

The Umbrella Academy is another Netflix original that tells the story of  six children who were born on the same day after mysterious one-day pregnancies. A billionaire genius decides to adopt the children from all over the world. These children all have special gifts, all except one, who is known as the “misfit” and the “liability”. The adoptive “father” of these six children turns them into superheroes. They spend most of their childhood training and fighting missions. When they got older, they all went their separate ways because their “father” did not seem to care for them….. What happens after that? Watch and see. This series is a great combination of comedy, drama and action. Also beware of sudden randomness that will catch you by surprise.

5. Baby TV-MA  

Coming in at number five, We have another great Netflix original TV series. This teeny-binge worthy series is about two fed-up teenage girls from the wealthiest parts of Rome. These two girls end up falling in love with the city. During the day they are regular teens, but at night they turn to the city streets of Rome and live lives on the edge as women. The girls find themselves in sticky situations charged with romance, drama and anything else that comes with living a double life.