Students Present Timeless Classic, “Les Misérables”

Students Present Timeless Classic, Les Misérables

“It was clear that the actors were deeply involved and were having fun, especially during ‘Lovely Ladies,’ a scene set in a brothel.”

“Les Misérables” by Alain Boubil and Claude-Michel Schonberg, based on the novel by Victor Hugo, was presented by the Chagrin Academy for the Performing Arts from Oct. 26-28.
“Les Misérables” is set in France in 1815, showing the lives of a rebellious student faction and an ex-convict’s life, as well as his relationship with the officer who captured him. Jean Valjean, the ex-convict, adopts a young girl Cosette, and their journey is also told during the play.The production was very realistic, following the truth of the societal attitude. It was clear that the actors were deeply involved and were having fun, especially during “Lovely Ladies,” a scene set in a brothel.The play was incredible. The talent and skill required to accomplish what these students did was immense.In particular, Jon Loya, who played Jean Valjean, did remarkable falsetto pieces, as did Brendan Hall, who played Inspector Javert, during “Stars”.

Dani Apple received a lot of positive praise from the audience for her rich contralto in “Epilogue.” When her solo ended, there was a lot of applause and wondrous murmuring at her skill.

“It looked like everyone onstage was having a great time,” said junior Michelle Ordillas. Ordillas performed in this same play twice before but felt as if she was experiencing the thrills of Les Misérables for the first time.

“I have seen this show every [year] with each of my grandchildren onstage and [all of] these kids are so dedicated and talented,” said Delia Watson, a proud grandmother of one of the chorus.

There were a few hitches in the show, including the descent of a large projector screen, as well as issues with the microphones and sound.

Otherwise, it was a wonderful show. The very talented upperclassmen did a great job with bringing a classic story to life for the Cleveland area.