The Beachcomber

Show Choir Finds the Harmony

Show Choir rehearsing for their upcoming performance.

Vivian Li, Editor-in-Chief

March 16, 2019

The BHS Solid Gold show choir is planning to perform at this year’s White & Gold talent show on April 13. In addition to individual performances from each member, the group plans to sing “Somebody to Love” by Queen. “This time we’re doing more of a pop song that we know everybody knows,” danc...

Get Ready For Cabaret Night

Beachwood's Solid Gold show choir rehearses their number for Cabaret Night. Photo by Nakita Reidenbach

Nakita Reidenbach, Staff Writer

October 31, 2017

Beachwood’s choir will host a Cabaret Night in the auditorium this Thursday, Nov. 2, at 7:00 p.m. The show will feature performances by the BHS choir, middle school choir, sign choir and the Solid Gold show choir, which started last year. The choirs will perform 25 songs, many of them focusing ...

Show Choir Launches at BHS

Photo by Alexander Robison.

Prerna Mukherjee, Staff Writer

September 7, 2016

Students will soon have the opportunity to perform in the newly-renovated auditorium as show choir joins the large variety of after-school activities available to BHS students. Choir teacher Darlene Haight and guidance counselor Meghann Sullivan are starting the program. Haight recalls that BHS...