Show Choir Launches at BHS


Photo by Alexander Robison.

Students will soon have the opportunity to perform in the newly-renovated auditorium as show choir joins the large variety of after-school activities available to BHS students.

Choir teacher Darlene Haight and guidance counselor Meghann Sullivan are starting the program.

Haight recalls that BHS had a show choir about thirty years ago, and she was in show choir when in high school in Brunswick, Ohio.

“I remember those memories as the best times in high school,” she said.

According to the American Choral Directors Association, show choir is an ensemble that focuses on musical performances that embrace aspects of total show production.

Sullivan studied dance in college and currently dances and choreographs at a ballet company. She will now assume the role of choreographer for the BHS show choir.

“Aside from my love of school counseling, my passion is dance,” Sullivan said. “…I’d like to find ways to stay connected to dance and to give students opportunities to be involved with dance.”

Every performance that you do, I think you do become more self-confident.

— Choir teacher and show choir co-director Darlene Haight

Sullivan would like to incorporate different styles of music into the show choir’s dance routines, including traditional approaches such as Broadway, as well as modern, contemporary movements.

Auditions will take place on Sept. 12 and 14 at 2:50 PM in the choir room. Students are required to prepare an excerpt from a musical or sing “My Country Tis of Thee” for their audition.

So far, about eight students have signed up for the auditions; to sign up, submit your name to the office.

During the auditions, Haight and Sullivan will evaluate skills such as projection, vocal quality, theatricality, musicality and performance.

“We’ll use what talent each individual brings and build on that,” Sullivan said.

Once students are selected, practices will normally take place after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays; one day will be devoted to vocal practice and the other to movement practice. Evening rehearsals will occur as needed on Tuesdays.

We’ll use what talent each individual brings and build on that.

— Guidance counselor and show choir co-director Meghann Sullivan

Haight hopes to organize show choir performances in conjunction with BHS choir concerts, the Beachwood Art Show as well as performances for elder class.

Alongside being a musical outlet for students, the directors believe it will build important life skills.

“Every performance that you do, I think you do become more self-confident,” Haight said. “…You learn how to speak well in front of people…”

“I tell kids this all the time when we’re talking about careers,” Sullivan said. “You know, you can have a career and then you can have your passion or your interest…you can find ways to do them together…”

Haight and Sullivan added that show choir is a fun, musical experience that students should give a try.

“Ask us questions, come try out. If [you] have an idea for a name [for the BHS show choir], there’s a contest you can enter,” Sullivan explained. “There’s a box in Ms. Kluchar’s office to enter.”

“Show choirs tend to be a little community within the school,” Sullivan added.

“…Try something new, find your niche,” Haight said. “You never know; this might be an opportunity for you that might change your whole high school outlook.”