Students Chime in on Renovation Effects

By Grace Kagai, Vance Gulley, Maya Saab, Ari Rabinowitz, Anthony Kwon and Max Bleich

The renovation process is not an easy one. It takes time, effort and patience. Interruptions are inevitable. In the next two years, students at BHS will be living and learning in the midst of a multi-million dollar construction project. But how will it affect us?

The Beachcomber conducted interviews with students about their attitudes towards the construction. The following is a collection of quotes from freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors.

As a student, what do you think will be some positives/negatives about the current renovations?

“Well, I think the ultimate outcome will be good, but I also think it will be a huge pain while we’re in school, because it will be difficult to access things like the field or the gym. But in the end, the new school will be very beneficial.”

-Senior Elena Ross

How have construction-created noises affected your studying?

“It’s been frustrating when I’m trying to concentrate with all of the noise.”

-Junior Kimari Ware

How do you feel about walking through the north gym to get to the classes in the 100/200 hall?

“That was probably my main conflict with the construction, what will happen when it starts raining?”

-Sophomore Chad Tindel

What are your opinions on the newly established entrances and passageways?

“They are very annoying and really make getting from place to place too difficult.”

-Freshman Cathy Perloff