Boys Basketball Team Looking Forward to Playing After Delayed Season


Bcomber archives / Emily May

Coach David Krasnow addressed the team during last year’s second-round playoff game against Warrensville.

After a postponed season, the Bison basketball team is scheduled to begin their season on Jan. 5 against Hawken.  

School administrators announced Nov. 13. that the season would be postponed due to increasing COVID numbers. 

Many athletes were disappointed when they learned their season would be shortened.

“I was honestly mad that the season had been postponed,” sophomore Braylen Eaton wrote in a text message. “I was really looking forward to playing, and I feel as if it is unfair that [fall and spring] sports had a season and now we [may not have] one.”

 “I wasn’t too happy when I heard that [the season would be postponed] because I really had a good feeling that we had something special on our team,” sophomore Nate Lurie wrote. 

Staying in shape for sports and maintaining skills is difficult during the pandemic. Many gyms are closed. 

I just want to get on the court and play. It will be very different, but I just want to play.

— Sophomore Nate Lurie

“I work out every day and train every other day with my trainer to stay in shape to make sure I’m getting what I need for the season.” Lurie wrote. “I work out consistently.” 

Players are hopeful about the prospects for the season once it continues.

“I believe if we get on the court it will be a very good season for us because we have lots of good talent,” Eaton wrote. “Like I said before, I feel as if this team is something special, and we put in so much work that it should show.”

“If we have our season [and make] it at least far into the playoffs, we have the team and talent…to just keep putting in the work,” Lurie wrote.

New rules have been implemented due to COVID. Players will be social distancing and bringing their own water to games. 

“It will be very different,” Lurie wrote. “The basketball experience will not be the same as last year with many fans in the crowd and us just having a ball. I think it won’t be as fun, but I’m still [looking forward to] spending time with my team.” 

“I just want to get on the court and play,” Lurie wrote. “It will be very different, but I just want to play.” 

“Honestly, just being able to play [would be great],” Eaton wrote. “I hope we have a successful season.”