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Boys Swim Team Medals at State Tournament

Junior Spencer Bystrom Finishes Third in State for Diving; Boys Freestyle Relay Finishes Eighth

March 19, 2018

The boys swim team finished 8th in the 200 freestyle relay at the Div. II State Tournament in Canton on Feb. 23.

“This is the first swimming medal for boys in the history of Beachwood swimming, according to our research,” Coach Brad Burget said.

The team was composed of juniors Matthew Keyeleber, Noah Shore, Gabe Colmenares and Spencer Bystrom.

The boys also made the state competition in the 200 medley relay, and Bystrom competed in backstroke.Two days earlier, Bystrom finished third in the state for diving.

“I trained every day after school for two hours for swimming and for diving I went two hours after every swim practice,” Bystrom said.

Bystrom trains with American Flyers Diving in Solon.

“I was pretty happy with how it went,” he said. “I scored 511.75 in districts and 420 at states, but obviously the judging is harder at states, and I missed a few more dives than normal.”

Bystrom competed with 11 different dives. He described his most difficult dives as the 105c, which is a forward dive with 2 ½ flips, tuck position and 404c, which is an inward double flip.

This is the first swimming medal for boys in the history of Beachwood swimming, according to our research.”

— Swim Coach Brad Burget

Burget was very pleased with the team’s performance.

“They did great,” he said. “We only had one returning person from last year’s relay. We had to replace three boys. To get back and medal was a great feet, and we will have them all back  next year.”

Bystrom put the win into perspective.

“It was an interesting year,” he said. “We went slower than last year, but we placed higher overall. We also got on the podium for the first time in the school’s history, which is very exciting.”

“It was a really cool experience to be in Canton with some of these guys that break records non-stop and are Olympic bound,” Shore said.

“I’m super satisfied,” Shore said. “We medaled; that was the goal and we achieved it. All the work paid off”

“I am very happy with how we performed,” Keyerleber said. “This is the first time the boys have podiumed at an event in states, so I’m glad we’re making progress.”

Overall this swimming season, the swim team has broken three school records. Sophomore Amanda Leizman broke the diving record for girls, and Spencer Bystrom broke the diving record for boys. Bystrom also broke the 50 free record as lead off in the 200 free relay.

Athletic Director Ryan Peters says he’s looking forward to growing participation numbers for the swim team.

“I am looking for them the take the next step,” Peters said. “I would love to see this program be the top five in the state. I would really like to see the girls team come together to qualify and place at states. I think we have the ability to do it, I just think we need to put it together.”

The swimmers have high hopes for next season to build on the work from this year.

(Photo by Steve Shore)

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