Dubin and Gill Place 4th at State Tennis Tournament


Photo courtesy of ProEvent Photo.

BHS seniors Karan Gill and Brett Dubin have only been playing doubles since earlier this year, but the duo was able to place fourth at the state tennis tournament.

In the preliminary rounds on Friday, May 30, Dubin and Gill won two rounds, then lost 6-0 to Gahanna Columbus Academy.

According to Gill, this was their most challenging match.

“In the third we were down love-three, so with our backs against the wall, we had to give it our all, and I guess we pulled through,” he said.

In the third place match the next day, Dubin and Gill lost to Tyler Krantz and Drew Krantz of University School, putting them in fourth place in all of the state.

Both Dubin and Gill said that they were satisfied with these results.

Dubin said that he was pleasantly surprised that he and Gill made it so far. “It was unbelievable,” he said, “I don’t think anybody really expected that.”

“Fourth in the state, you can’t really complain,” said Gill. “I’m very happy with the results.”

Dubin has been playing tennis for BHS since junior year, and he credits his partner who motivated him to join the team.

“I started playing when I was younger, but I didn’t take it seriously,” he said. “Karan got me into it, and I loved it so I started playing for the school junior year.”

Both players agreed that their strength is in their serves.

“We’re two pretty tall guys, so we can hit it pretty hard. That gets us a lot of free points,” Gill said.

As for weaknesses, Dubin claimed that they’re weaker than other teams at the net. Gill said their biggest problem has to do with getting along.

“We’re best friends, so we kind of butt heads a lot,” he said.