Seniors Park in Staff Lot, Hold Hallway Slumber Party


Courtesy of Aubrei Erkins

Seniors threw a slumber party in the main hallway on Friday, April 29.

The day towards the end of the academic year when the senior class pulls a prank on the school, commonly known as the senior prank, is a time-honored American high school tradition. 

 Teachers Lisa Goldman and Craig Alexander recall that Beachwood seniors released chickens inside the building in 2004, closed what was then the gate to the school from Fairmount and put up a “For Sale” sign in 2007 and set up a petting zoo outside the school in 2019.

While senior prank day can be exciting and carefree for some, it is also a time that often builds tension between students, administrators and parents due to its inherently rebellious nature. 

On Friday, April 29, which was the last day of classes before senior search for the class of 2022, some seniors parked their cars sideways over multiple parking spaces in the staff lot, and most of the senior class participated in a morning slumber party in the main hallway.

Even though the prank was relatively tame compared to pranks of the past, senior Amelie Cotta remarked that seniors who parked inappropriately were threatened with tickets and worse. 

“When I pulled up to school I saw all of the administration huddling around the seniors in the atrium with their arms crossed monitoring the prank,” Cotta said.

Cotta also said administrators prevented seniors from engaging in further pranks.

“Some of the seniors wanted to run and jump into the pool at the end of the day while screaming, ‘Class of 2022!’, but Mr. Peters was sitting in front of the pool door blocking them,” she said.

Cotta feels that the senior class’ frustration at what they perceive to be the overprotective measures is understandable, administrators’ desire to maintain order and keep everyone safe is too.