Beachcomber Designated All-Ohio


Hiba Ali

Layout Editor Claire Weaver and Editor-in-Chief Hiba Ali have worked hard to bring each issue to life this year.

For the first time ever, the Beachcomber newspaper and website were designated All-Ohio at this year’s Ohio Scholastic Media Association (OSMA) conference on April 22. 

“This is a tremendous accomplishment,” Beachcomber adviser Josh Davis said. “I think it speaks to the hard work of this year’s staff; there was some really strong reporting this year on some interesting issues.” 

“It also speaks to the staff over many years who worked really hard to increase the quality of the publication,” he added.

Davis has been advising the Beachcomber since he started working at BHS in 2006. Along with his English classes, he teaches the journalism class and advises both the newspaper and its website 


The OSMA All-Ohio is given to the best overall publications in the state of Ohio. 

OSMA  is a statewide organization that represents student journalists and their teachers. It holds annual conferences where students can participate in workshops led by publishing professionals, college faculty and journalism advisors. The organization also sponsors contests for student publications.

“Strong reporting and writing have been our strengths over the years,” Davis said. “We have students who are willing to work really hard and stick with some big stories.” 

Strong reporting and writing have been our strengths over the years. We have students who are willing to work really hard and stick with some big stories.

— Beachcomber Adviser Josh Davis

He also mentioned that Claire Weaver and previous layout editors have worked hard to improve the quality of the layout.

In addition to the overall newspaper and website awards, Beachcomber staff members won 27 individual awards. 

Superior recognitions were awarded to Hiba Ali for feature writing, Brooklyn Bennett for newswriting, Sanket Makkar for commentary and Lana Lagman for first person narrative, commentary and review writing.

Excellent recognitions were awarded to Vidula Jambunath for in-depth reporting, Lana Lagman for news feature writing, Evelyn Zhang for news feature writing, Avery Lonzer for personality profile and general feature, Claire Weaver for front page newspaper layout and sports page layout and Anah Khan won two for non-editorial artwork.

“It’s awesome, now we’ve got to stick with it, and we need to rise to the challenge of maintaining that [recognition],” Davis said. “It’s all about commitment, something that we have always struggled with, and what [a lot of] Beachwood clubs struggle with historically.”

Editor-in-Chief Hiba Ali

Hiba Ali is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Beachcomber. She has been a part of the staff since her sophomore year. She loves to write, predominantly writing poetry when she is not writing for the Beachcomber.

After being a member of the staff during her sophomore year, Ali wanted to become an editor. She wanted to be able to write about what she loves while also collaborating with other members, learning how to edit and discovering other writing styles to improve her own writing. She was features editor during her junior year before applying to Editor-in-Chief for her senior year.

Ali attributes the paper’s success this year in part to the scope of coverage.

“I really think we were able to explore a [wide range of important] topics this year,” she said. 

“With everyone following their interests, it became a passion project and really [allowed] everyone on the staff to shine,” she added.

With everyone following their interests, it became a passion project and really [allowed] everyone on the staff to shine.

— Beachcomber Editor-in-Chief Hiba Ali

Ali feels a sense of accomplishment because this award shows how all of the work that she and other staff members put in over the years has not been forgotten or lost, it has been appreciated. 

“People are [paying attention] to what we [write],” Ali said. “Especially for the seniors, for this to be a part of our story and legacy; it is really meaningful and uplifting.” 

Ali thinks that with Davis’ leadership and with the strengths of the writers, illustrators and photographers who will be continuing on next year, the Beachcomber will not be losing this All-Ohio recognition any time soon.

Past editors

Courtney Fishman and Max Bleich are alumni of BHS and the Beachcomber. Both former editors appreciate how big of a deal it is to be recognized as an All-Ohio publication. Fishman was Editor-in-Chief in her senior year of 2012, while Bleich was online editor during his senior year of 2014.

“I started writing for the Beachcomber at the end of my sophomore year after Mr. Davis said a letter came in the mail for me…it was a letter from him asking me to join the newspaper,” she said. 

Fishman first heard the news of this year’s award when Davis posted about it on social media. She feels that it is an incredible achievement and that the staff should be immensely proud of their work. 

It’s a testament to the school’s continued investment in student journalism, an under-served and often overlooked area in most schools.

— Courtney Fishman, Beachcomber Editor-in-Chief 2012

“It’s a testament to the school’s continued investment in student journalism, an under-served and often overlooked area in most schools,” she said. “Thanks to Mr. Davis’ leadership over the last [16] years, students continue to exercise their First Amendment rights and showcase their unique voices within the community,” she said.

“Running a student newspaper is a big undertaking involving interviews, editing, writing, photography and so much more,” she added. 

Bleich started writing for the paper in the fall of 2010 when he was a student in the journalism class. He fell in love with writing, editing, reporting and being a part of the staff. He stated how he wouldn’t have been able to get through college and graduate school without the foundation he was able to build through his work on the Beachcomber.

“I remember when I was an editor, we worked hard and submitted everything we could with the hopes that one day we would win [All-Ohio],” he said. “It’s so exciting that The Beachcomber continues to reach new heights with the direction of Josh Davis and its dedicated staff.” 

“I’m proud as an alumnus to see a project I cared so deeply about find so much success and hard-earned recognition,” he added. “I feel so verklempt thinking back to the many long layout sessions, phone calls and meetings I was lucky enough to participate in as a writer and editor for the Beachcomber.”