Beachwood to Induct 10 Distinguished Alumni to Gallery of Success


Beachcomber archives by Jonah Rubenstein

Inductee Jonathan Goldstein speaking at the BHS Gallery of Success in April 2014.

The 12th induction of the BHS Gallery of Success will take place on Friday, April 8 at the high school. 

With the addition of these ten honorees, there will be 140 inductees to the Gallery, all of whom have been singled out for their accomplishments since graduating from BHS. 

Paula Rollins, coordinator of the Gallery of Success, explained the criteria for admission.

“The committee defines success broadly: humanitarian work, courageous acts, accomplishments that show character,” she said “It’s not just about fame or wealth, it’s about the kind of person that these honorees have demonstrated themselves to be.” 

Rollins hopes that current students can find role models in the Gallery inductees. 

“I know that the Gallery really inspires and motivates a lot of students, including my kids when they went to Beachwood,” she said.

Rollins remarked that there is a wide range of talented alumni who are not included because they have not applied.  

“[There are] so many more people that should be nominated that aren’t,” she said. 

There will be many opportunities throughout the day Friday for students to interact with the honorees, opportunities that Rollins hopes students will take to speak with extraordinary alumni.

“[Students should] go up and talk to inductees in the field that they’re interested in,” Rollins said.

This year’s inductees are:

Fran Winguest Bulloff ‘67

Eric Desatnik ‘97

Sophia L.Hall ‘05

Judson A. Kline ‘68

Jay B. Lurie ‘98

Aaron D. Marks ‘02

Robert Marks ‘84

David B. Ostro ‘75

David M. Rosenberg ‘66

Emily Yahr ‘04