Freshmen Win Spirit Week


Nakita Reidenbach

The class of 2023 won Spirit Week with a score of 19,000.

This past week, BHS students participated in Spirit Week, a week filled with competitions between grades, all leading up to Homecoming.

Events included Jollyball, Volleyball, Uno and Dodgeball. They also included spirit days, such as twin day, pajama day, meme day and tie dye day.

The class of 2023 pulled out a win with a score of 19,000. Second place went to the seniors with 17,000. Juniors and Sophomores tied with 13,500.

Many people especially enjoyed twin day. 

“[Twin day] was a fun time,” junior Ian Stender said. 

Others were more critical.

“I love spirit week but I think the themes weren’t as good this year,” Gili Omer said.”Twin day is almost pointless because no one can tell you’re dressed up unless you’re with the person, and there could also be better ideas than pajama day.”

“Otherwise, I love it and it’s my favorite time of year,” she added.

“I wish we had an eating contest. That would be sick,” Stender said.

It was better than last year because I felt like we were closer as a school.

— Junior Julia Marks

“I thought it was fun seeing all the creative costumes this year,” senior Lucilla Thal said. 

“I thought it was so fun,” sophomore Maddie Rosenblitt said. “It brought our school together because we were in the gym all together every day.” 

“It was better than last year because I felt like we were closer as a school,” said junior Julia Marks. 

“It might’ve been the best one out of my three years at Beachwood,” said junior Ilan Amkraut.

Photos by Bridgitte Feldman, Emily May, Nakita Reidenbach and Yang Yu