Class of 2018 Donates Benches in Honor of Ryan Warner


Matthew Keyerleber

One of the Ryan Warner memorial benches will be installed outside when the weather warms.

Last month, the high school natatorium received two commemorative benches dedicated to the late Beachwood student Ryan Warner.

The benches, provided as a class gift by Warner’s graduating Class of 2018, were dedicated on a Saturday afternoon by the Warner family along with Superintendent Dr. Bob Hardis and a group of family and friends.

Ryan, who passed away in Jan. 2017, was an active member of the swim team and was known by many of his friends as considerate and personable.

“The pool was very important to Ryan,” Dr. Hardis commented. “He had a lot of very close friendships with the people who frequent the pool. Seeing the benches there holds a lot of meaning for me because I hope that the Warners continue to feel very well supported by this community since they’re really good people.”

The two identical benches are currently side by side in the pool lobby, and one of them will be installed outside following the winter season.