Students and Teachers Prefer New Gradebook Software

Max Bleich

"It gets state support, [is easy to use and] teachers can report in a second," said Ken Veon, Director of Curriculum and Technology


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Over the summer, the Beachwood school district switched from eSIS to Infinite Campus as the software system for student grades and communication with parents.
“The reason we changed from eSIS to infinite campus is because the state is not supporting eSIS, and the district had to choose a new way to warehouse and report information such as grades to the state,” said Director of Curriculum and Technology Ken Veon.

Veon explained that the district had to choose between Infinite Campus over DASL [Data Analysis for Student Learning] and Infinite Campus was the better product.

“I prefer Infinite Campus over eSIS any day because I like having the mobile app and [I can] check my grades any time I want on my phone,” said junior Gabby Greer.

There are a lot of things Infinite Campus can do that eSIS could not do.

“Infinite Campus is more user friendly and more modern than the old eSIS. Infinite Campus [has] a mobile app that allows you to check your grades on the go,” said technology teacher Craig Alexander.

It will take time for students and teachers to learn the new system.

“It’s new software that  students and teachers haven’t used yet, and other than not knowing the program, there are no real disadvantages we have seen,” said Veon

Veon explained the advantages of Infinite Campus far outweigh the challenge of learning a new system.

“It gets state support, [is easy to use and] teachers can report in a relatively easy and efficient manner. The consistency of the data between schools is important; it’s [in] one place and it houses all the data about students, teachers, etc.” said Veon.

Infinite Campus is here to stay for at least for five years.

“We are not switching any time soon. We have a five year contract. It is used all across America and is becoming the standard of showing grades and reporting information to the state,”  Veon said.

“Teachers see a little more information and can post more information like tardiness and good behavior… [which eSIS could not],” said Veon.

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