Top 12 Advances to Top 7

Top 12 Advances to Top 7

Top 12 Candidate Amy Eisenberg poses with her escort, David Stern.

Read Beachcomber interviews with the top 7 candidates for homecoming queen.

Beachcomber reporter Masha Soprunova asked candidates the following questions:
1) How high were your heels at the assembly?
2) Who do you think is your biggest threat in the competition?

Ashley Dudley

1) Zero inches
2) Dale Edwards… but really I think everyone has a fair shot

Amy Eisenberg

1) 4-5 inches
2) Olivia duh!

Sammy Felman

1) no heels
2) Olivia

Ena Jones

1) barefoot so zero!
2) Mr. Davis

Olivia Mayfield

1) 5 inches
2) All of the girls. It’s a really good group this year! I love them all!

Eva Muschkin

1) 5 inches
2) Amy is such a threat

Brooke Peskin

1) 5 inches
2) Amy for obvious reasons

Top six to top three will be voted on Sept. 14
Top three to top one will be voted on Sept. 16




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