Introspect Provides Opportunity for Creative Expression


Introspect 2018

In early December, a group of student writers and artists sat in a circle in English teacher Evan Luzar’s room while images were projected onto the whiteboard.

Students wrote pieces or made sketches, drawing inspiration from each other and from what they saw.

The Introspect literary magazine is published annually. It is filled with serene photographs, vivid poetry, art, and other forms of creative expression. All the content is created by BHS students and selected by student editors.

Luzar co-advises the club this year with English teacher Carrie Shapiro.

“[Introspect] started at least in the seventies,” Luzar said. He has been advising it for 24 years.

“I love working with kids outside of an academic context,” he said. “I like being able to help kids find an avenue for their creativity.”

Seniors Orly Einhorn and Grace Warner are co-editors this year. Einhorn joined Introspect in her freshman year.

“I wanted to join because it was a safe space to practice my writing and a way to set aside time to write creatively,” she wrote in an email.

Junior Shannon O’Neil appreciates Introspect’s casual atmosphere and the way one can participate even with a busy schedule.

“It’s very relaxed,” she said. “It’s not a huge commitment, there’s no pressure and it’s a fun club.”

I wanted to join because it was a safe space to practice my writing and a way to set aside time to write creatively.

— Co-Editor Orly Einhorn

Einhorn hopes to increase participation.

We really want to get enough members this year [so] that [we’ll] be able to put out more than one magazine next year – hopefully one first semester and one second semester,” she wrote.

The magazine is published at the end of the school year.

Einhorn encourages students to join and contribute.

Students can also earn extra credit in English classes for pieces published in Introspect.

“I would encourage anyone who loves to write outside of the classroom in a creative way to give us a try,” Luzar said.

Luzar suggests that Introspect is a great way to get to know other creative students.

“[Introspect] brings together people from very different backgrounds, with very different writing styles, but who bond through their shared love for writing” Luzar said.

For more information, students can contact Luzar, Shapiro, Einhorn or Warner.