Because Finals are Ruff


Photo from bcomber archives by Nicole Breger

Students enjoyed a visit from therapy dogs during December exams.

BHS welcomed therapy dogs from Therapy Dogs International on Wednesday, Dec. 19 to help relieve the stress of exams for staff and students.  

The community room was the place to be.

Therapy pets can help relieve stress by lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular health.

The human brain also produces endorphins when with a pet, creating a calming feeling that can ease pain, stress, and anxiety.

Each dog had a business card with a photo and a few of their favorite things. A golden retriever named Luke had a card indicating that his “favorite food is popcorn” and that he “likes to play with people more than dogs.”

The atmosphere of the room was incredible. The dogs were ecstatic to get a lot of attention and belly rubs, and the students were grateful to have this opportunity to de-stress from exams.