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The student news site of Beachwood High School.

The Beachcomber

The student news site of Beachwood High School.

The Beachcomber

Cartoon by Jinle Zhu

College Application Stress is Too Much, Too Soon

Orly Einhorn, Staff Writer January 25, 2018

“But you’re a junior. You don’t have to worry about college yet!” Perhaps laughing when people say this to me isn’t the best response. But I do, because the truth, the one I’ve experienced,...

I stationed myself in the back of 15th homeroom at Chifeng #4 Senior Middle School. Photo by Kevin Zhang

An Attitude We Can All Learn From

Kevin Zhang, Staff Writer October 23, 2017

When the bell rang, the talking and joking stopped immediately, replaced by a sense of urgency and focus. School had started. For the students of Chifeng #4 Senior Middle School, located in a small...

Cartoon by Jinle Zhu

At What Point Will Republicans Abandon Trump?

Jared Zullig, Opinion Editor September 12, 2017

First off, I'd like to say one thing: Nazis are bad. Really bad. And guess what? I don't like them. See how easy that was? For some reason, it wasn’t nearly as easy for President Trump to say the...

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Advice For Our New Principal, Mr. Srithai

Beachcomber Staff May 22, 2017

On April 24, the Board of Education unanimously approved a two-year contract for Tony Srithai to be BHS principal, starting with the 2017-18 school year. Srithai brings a number of impressive credentials,...

Rojava soldiers from a womens protection unit pictured in August 2015. Image source: BijiKurdistan via Flickr / Wikimedia Commons.

The Moral Case for Military Intervention in Syria

Nikhil Murali, Staff Writer April 13, 2017

On Friday, April 7, as millions of people around the world reacted to the atrocious chemical weapons attack by the Assad regime, the Trump administration launched 59 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian air base,...

Last year, Dr. Hardis responded to Maxs email with this photo of a Bison in the snow. Image by Steve Maslowski via Wikimedia Commons.

We Need a Break

Max Alter, Sports Editor March 14, 2017

I am a Beachwood student who is currently experiencing Beachwood problems: I have to attend school today. Yes, it’s a Tuesday. Yes, I am supposed to be at school. Yes, I probably should stop complaining. But...

Debunking Myths About Ryan Warner

Debunking Myths About Ryan Warner

JInle Zhu, Layout Editor, News Editor February 24, 2017

Myth: He was quiet. Truth: When he was playing his favorite video games, he could scream. He could shriek like a ghost was coming after him, and he was going to die first “because the black people...

Protesters gathered at Seattle-Tacoma Airport and at airports around the country to protest Trumps travel ban on Jan. 28. Photo by Dennis Bratland via Wikimedia Commons.

Dialing Back to a More Shameful Time

Beachcomber Staff February 23, 2017

President Trump campaigned on rhetoric that most in our community view as offensive, even  archaic in today’s America. Equating Mexican immigrants to rapists and criminals, mocking a disabled reporter...

Image by Gabe Stern

In the Age of New Media, Significant Stories are Overshadowed

Tyler Pohlman, Staff Writer February 23, 2017

Meet Ranomasy, a mother from Tsihombe, Madagascar. Like most mothers in Madagascar, she struggles on a daily basis to feed herself and her child. Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times talked with Ranomasy...

The swim team gathers prior to a meet this fall. Photo courtesy of Missy Bystrom

His Goggles

Ofek Hyer, Staff Writer February 22, 2017

I found the silver goggles nesting on the bottom of my swim bag, hiding underneath my thick, warm towel. It was the same towel that I used for multiple swim seasons, the same towel my brother used for...

Image by Cameron Godfrey.

An Open Letter to White Jews in Beachwood

Cameron Godfrey, Staff Writer February 6, 2017

On holidays and days of remembrance, as well as in our daily thoughts and prayers, we recognize the biblical and historic plights of the Jewish people. We recall slavery in Egypt on Passover; we honor...

Image source: Beachcomber archives.

Social Media Made Matters Worse in Shaker Heights Incident

Beachcomber Staff December 15, 2016

After national media coverage, a letter from the ACLU, and a student-orchestrated blackout, on Nov. 15, the Shaker Heights administration finally decided to nullify the suspensions of students Elena Weingard...

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