Art Show Features Work From K-12 Students

The gallery buzzed with energy as members of the Beachwood community gathered to appreciate a variety of student art. Canvases covered every wall, and there were creations in every display case. 

Children wove in and out of the crowd, excitedly leading their parents to their projects. People of all ages came together to view the exhibition, showcasing hundreds of works including ceramics, paintings, drawings, sculptures, mixed-media and more. 

The Beachwood Arts Council is sponsoring the annual art show for Beachwood schools, showing through April 9 at the Community Center. 

Art teachers from Bryden Elementary, BMS and BHS selected works to be showcased from students K-12.

High School art teacher Heather Grano and art teachers Rachel Hartwig and Chunny Hahn helped to organize the show. 

It was a great way of showing the community our excitement for art, and they get to appreciate their children’s art education.

— Art Teacher Heather Grano

Grano explained the curating process.

“All three art teachers in the district worked together as a team,” she said. “We all collected artwork throughout the year.” 

“The final show is a combined group effort,” she added. “That’s what makes it special.”

Grano spent countless hours setting up and planning for the exhibit. 

“The prepwork before I even got to the gallery took hours and hours and hours all year long,” she said. 

As one walks through the show, it is easy to become immersed within the creative world of art. Each exhibit showcases the students’ creative individuality when interpreting the same theme. 

A large spectrum of skill-level is featured in the show. 

“Children’s art from kindergarten all the way through AP Art was represented,” Grano said. “Although there wasn’t artwork for every single student.”

On opening night, Wednesday, March 15, 2023, the entire Beachwood art community got involved. The High School orchestra and jazz band performed music while high school art students volunteered by running a face-painting booth. 

“I’m proud of the show,” Grano said. “It was a great way of showing the community our excitement for art, and they get to appreciate their children’s art education.”

The exhibit is free and available for all Beachwood community members to visit until April 9.