Could Drama Club Rise Again?


Plaza Suite was the most recent production by the BHS drama club in April, 2015. Photo from Beachcomber Archives.

With the renovated auditorium ready for use, could the drought in the drama program come to an end?

Student Activities Coordinator Craig Alexander identifies multiple factors contributing to the decline of the drama program.

“The decline of the program was foremost due to lack of student interest. Not having access to theater did not help,” he said.

The drama club suffered from lack of an auditorium since 2012 and also saw a series of directors during the closure. First long-time director Sheila Heyman resigned. Pierre Brault was hired for the 2013-14 season, Justin Steck for 2014-15, and last year there was no drama club. The school has also been without any drama classes for the last few years.

The EXCEL TECC drama program at Chagrin Falls High School has drawn the attention of students looking for theater experience.

According to Alexander, the rebirth of the program is dependent on student interest.

“If there is interest from the students, then that could bring the drama program back,” he said.

If there is interest from the students, that could bring the drama program back.

— Student Activities Director Craig Alexander

Alexander hopes the new auditorium motivates students to restart the program.

“Having a completed auditorium with finished lights and sound, and having a place to call their own, could lead to a rebirth of the program,” he said.

Students seem to be excited about the new auditorium and the prospect of a revived drama program.

Senior Andie Cohen feels a drama program would be beneficial to students.

“You can learn how to step out of your comfort box and be more comfortable in a group setting,” she wrote in an email. “Drama clubs can also help students/participants get in touch with their physical artistic side.”

Senior Dar’Jon Bentley is hopeful about the prospect of a new drama program.

“I would join the program,” he wrote in an email. “I really enjoy theater and would actually like to see the school do some plays.”