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Act 2 opened with two songs by The Oxy Morons, a seven-person band which included English teacher Todd Butler, choir director Darlene Haight and social studies teacher John Perse as well as Senior Sophie Schoen and sophomore Jack Berkowitz as well as Feldman and Spero on percussion.

Check Out Our Sizzling Photos From White & Gold 2016

February 16, 2016

The 2016 iteration of the annual BHS variety show, White & Gold, lived up to its theme, borrowed from FX’s American Horror Story. The production proved both entertaining and shocking, allowing students and teachers to share a wide variety of talents.

Performances were held on Feb. 5 and 6 in the BMS theater.

Seniors Jackson Bogomolny, Gabby Hartstein, Jasmine Howard and Isabel Millstein directed, while juniors Andie Cohen, Andrew Feldman and Jack Spero served as assistant directors.

The show was advised by guidance counselor Ashley Saferight and BMS language arts teacher Michelle Toomey. English teacher Nicole Majercak advised the show’s tech crew.

Directing the show is a hectic job, Howard said. While Saferight and the other advisers offered guidance, the directors are ultimately responsible for most decisions.
“We all do the same thing as far as work and we put the same amount of work into it,” Howard said of her co-directors. “We drew the set design ourselves, painted it ourselves, and build it ourselves.”

In addition to live performances, the show included videos.

Teacher’s Lounge, a favorite White & Gold tradition, consisted of student impersonations of BHS teachers and faculty. The students’ performance played on the well-known catchphrases and habits of their respective staff members.

The show was put together in a month, meaning an intense level of preparation on the part of the acts as well as the directors.

Photos by Bradford Douglas


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