Check Out Our Dope Coverage of W&G 2014

With performances including comedy sketches, musical acts and dancing, 2014’s “Wild, Wild” White and Gold demonstrated diverse talents.

(Photos by Bradford Douglass)

The show started with a comedy sketch in which senior Max Bleich, in cowboy garb, attempted to gain control of the school by causing chaos: crushing algebraic tiles and tying up Principal Ed Klein. The sketch set the western theme of the show.

“The show turned out really well,” said Bleich, one of the show’s directors. “This year we didn’t focus all the acts around the theme.”
A flurry of diverse acts resulted from that decision, some of which closely followed the show’s theme, such as sophomore Sophie Schoen, whereas others, such as freshman Jack Spero, diversified the experience.

“Overall, I think this White and Gold has been fantastic,” Spero said. “I’ve gotten to meet a lot of talented people I would not have met otherwise.” Spero’s performance, in which he danced to the song, Treasure by Bruno Mars, was one of the show’s highlights.

“[Performing] was a great feeling, like no other,” he said. “Although, I couldn’t see the audience, I knew they could see me, and I wanted to put on the best show I could.” His dance skills wowed students, teachers and parents alike, bringing massive applause. Full of rhythm, flexible motions and a moonwalking finale, his performance was undoubtedly one of the show’s most notable.

Other unique acts included senior Rachel Lubinger using sign language to interpret Time of Our Lives by Tyrone Wells, effectively conveying the emotions from the song. Facial expressions, body language and hand motions added to the impact of her performance, which also met loud applause.

One of the best singing acts was siblings Chad and Arielle Tindel, singing “Miserable at Best” by Mayday Parade. Chad, a senior, provided the vocals, while his sister, a freshman, accompanied him on both piano and singing. The duo took turns performing solos. Arielle’s rich soprano effectively complemented the much deeper voice of her brother. By the end of the performance, the audience was captivated by the singers’ emotion.

Once again, White & Gold proved to be a memorable experience for all.

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