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Barack Obama Reelected to Presidency; BHS Responds

Barack Obama Reelected to Presidency; BHS Responds

Pete Souza

Image source: The White House public archives.


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Last night Barack Obama won his second term of the presidency against Governor Mitt Romney in a landslide victory of 303 to 206 electoral votes. But how did BHS students and staff react to the election, the victory, or the for some, the loss that they felt last night?

English teacher Todd Butler said, “I am extremely pleased to say the least. Obviously, Obama’s victory was a good sign. I love that we elected a homosexual senator, I love that women have had a lot of representation in the Senate, and as an educator, I was very pleased to see Senator Brown reelected.”

Sophomore Jon Shapiro,  Chairman of the BHS Young Republicans Club said, “The founders of our fine nation erected a system in which a modified version of the majority elects the head of state and of the free world. I disagree with the choice of the American people, however I understand the vital right to vote. While both Mitt Romney and Gary Johnson would have made better presidents, now is a time of unity. It is time to fix this nation, not as a Republican or as a Democrat, but as an American.”

Junior and President of the Young Democrats Club Scott Arkin also reacted. “After last night’s clear victories for President Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown, as well as the the victories for justice, equality, and common sense in 4 state ballot issues dealing with marriage equality and 3 dealing with marijuana, I, along with millions across the nation and the world, was completely elated, satisfied, and of course relieved.”

He continued, addressing the work of the Young Dems, “I was proud to see that all the hard work the BHS Young Democrats Club put in had paid off, just as we always knew it would. Although the election is now over, the Young Dems club will not stop doing the great work that it has been doing. We have a lot of exciting plans and ideas coming up, and we’re looking forward to continue helping to make a fairer and more prosperous nation.”

Senior and Speech and Debate President Beth Moses had this to say: “I was pleased; but not surprised.”

Sophomore  Ami Tamar also supported President Obama, saying, “I’m really glad that Obama is re-elcted president and I hope he can help rebuild America for the better.” She continued, “Romney put up a good fight, but in the end, the better candidate went on top.”

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Barack Obama Reelected to Presidency; BHS Responds