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Construction Continues on Schedule

Construction Continues on Schedule

Ceiling and floor tiles were removed from some classrooms during winter break.


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Construction has become a part of our lives here at BHS. We can see it, hear it and once in a while, we have no choice but to work around it. Many have noticed the removal of drop ceilings and floor tiles over winter break.

Principal Robert Hardis, explained that over winter break asbestos was removed from the 500/600 hallway through a process known as “shot blasting”. This was done to clean the school and  prepare for the construction process this summer.

Hardis also explained that though students may not see it, a lot has been done towards the construction of new parts of BHS. “All the storm drains are finished,” he said.

“Overall, people have been wonderful,” Hardis said, regarding students’ and staff tolerance of the construction process.

So far the construction is on schedule. “About three quarters will be done by the start of the next year,” Hardis said.

Geometry teacher Amy Hazelton explained her classes were not affected too much by the construction during the fall semester. But she did say, “[this] semester it will [be affected] because I will have to share a room with someone.”

Hazelton feels that the construction has sometimes been distracting to her students this year. They can see the construction people outside the windows and hear the noise,” she said.

Senior Kemond Leggins feels that the construction has been a distraction, but feels it will be worth the wait. Leggins said, [I am excited about] the new lunchroom, but I won’t be able to see it because I’m a senior”.

Other students interviewed felt that the construction has been a distraction, but not a big problem.

Do you feel that the renovated building will be worth the wait?  Is it worth the distractions that we are experiencing now?  Leave comments below.

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The news site of Beachwood High School.
Construction Continues on Schedule