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Sights & Sounds #2: Where on the East Side?

Sights & Sounds #2: Where on the East Side?

Avogadro94 via Wikimedia Commons

Can you identify the Cleveland-area location described in this article?


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This is the second in a six-part series: the Sights and Sounds of the Beachwood Area. If you are the first to guess all six locations described in the articles, you could win a free $10 Mitchell’s gift card.  So what do you have to lose? Drop a comment with your guesses below, and check back here every day for all the BHS News you’ll ever need. Note:  some locations are outside the Beachwood city limits, but still in Northeast Ohio.  Journalism students and Beachcomber staff are not eligible to win.

People surround this area. Some sit on the small faded bench, and some sit on the cold ground around it. One man stands away from the rest. This man is wearing a grey hoodie and a black snow cap. He bounces from foot to foot and looks athis phone every few moments. His phone rings, and he answers it, walking further away from the group.

“I know I’m late, I’ll be there soon… It should be here soon” says the man in a tired voice. He comes back to the group and takes his place among the many people waiting on the ground.

Among him was a small group of three other people lounging in different positions. A young girl, blond hair with red highlights, sat on the ground. She had headphones in her ears coming out of the Iphone she was currently texting on. There was also a woman with a small Macy’s bag in her lap. She had just given up her seat on the bench for an older Asian woman. The old woman was was now looking through her purse. She had two heavy looking bags from Sears. Next to the old woman was a man, he looked between 30 and 40. He sat with his back hunched over and his head tipped forward bobbing to the music coming out of his headphones. In his right hand was an old Ipod nano. It was white and scratched.

Leaning back on the cold, dead grass, I watched the stream of cars pass me. Ford F150, painted black. Several scratches along the bottom and a dent in the rear bumper. Dark blue Mazda passes, a small dog barks from the back seat of the car. The police car that has been sitting, seemingly empty in the parking lot comes to life. It’s lights flash and it speeds off after a car down the busy road.

A small group of teenagers walk passed the people on the bench. “Shut up” One boy said to another, pushing him slightly. The two girls with them laughed at the boys.

As the people sitting around the bench hear a dull roaring coming closer, they stand up. Some take out tickets, crumpled and slightly ripped. Others take out a plastic card. The group walks across the street to a blue sign.

“Would you like some help?” The young girl asked to the older woman. The old woman smiled and shook her head, carrying the heavy bags to their next stop.

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One Response to “Sights & Sounds #2: Where on the East Side?”

  1. Jodi Shapiro on March 19th, 2013 9:33 pm

    Tower City?


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Sights & Sounds #2: Where on the East Side?