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Students Should Comply With New Cell Phone Crackdown

Students Should Comply With New Cell Phone Crackdown

"...the classroom is a place for learning, and a place where cell phone use doesn’t fit."

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School has many functions in the lives of teenagers. Theoretically, high school is a place where teens learn and grow-both academically, personally and yes, socially. However, there is a time and a place for each of these functions. The classroom is a time for academic, not social growth, which is why the cell phone crackdown is a good policy.

Some argue that cell phone use does not affect one’s ability to pay attention. Some say that they can still ace the quiz and learn all the content while sending a couple of texts. However, a study at Stanford University showed otherwise. In several tests of cognitive ability, low multitaskers consistently outperformed high multitaskers. It seems that when we stretch our mental capacity too thin we lose some of the ability to perform individual tasks.

So what if cell phone use does decrease learning? Isn’t it up to the student whether he or she wants to participate fully in class? What right does the school have to challenge students’ basic 5th amendment right to property and privacy?

This argument is also flawed. Society has entrusted schools with the responsibility of preparing the next generation to deal with and shape tomorrow’s world. The school is allowed to take whatever actions it needs to fulfil this duty and ensure students learn as much as possible.

Furthermore, the school must have the interest of the greater student body in mind. When one person decides to be on their phone during class, it distracts the entire class. The person next to the person using their phone looks over to see who he/she is texting  or what game he/she is playing. Others become interested and pretty soon a whole chain reaction has started that takes students away from learning. It is not fair that the decisions of a few should have repercussions on so many.

Finally, using cell phones in class is disrespectful. Teachers work hard to try to engage their students while teaching them often complex material. By texting or playing games in class, the student is basically saying that teacher’s hard work  is meaningless in their lives. This attitude is not only disrespectful to the teacher’s authority but simply disrespectful to teachers as human beings.

There is a time and a place for socializing in high school. The administration seems to understand that by loosening the cell phone ban in the hallways. But the classroom is a place for learning, and a place where cell phone use doesn’t fit.

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