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“The Children’s Hour” Addresses Serious Themes

“The Children’s Hour” Addresses Serious Themes

John Li

The cast gives a thank you to the audience.


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On Dec. 6th, the Drama Club kicked off the year with “The Children’s Hour,” a suspenseful, emotionally striking play set in 1934.  A spoiled boarding school girl creates a rumor that two of her female teachers are having a lesbian affair, which causes a scandal and destroys both women’s lives.

Director Sheila Heyman, in Beachwood for 18 years, had been familiar with this show for many years before directing it.  She said it was satisfying doing a play on her “bucket list.”  Although the rehearsal process was stressful, the final product was a success.

Ami Scherson played Mrs. Tilford.  She enjoyed getting to bond and laugh with other cast members.  She recalled a funny moment in rehearsal.

“Wendy accidentally said the wrong name when explaining the death of Martha to Mrs. Tilford,” Scherson recalled. “Then we continued to play it off as laughing, which was a disaster.”

Jasmine Howard played Lois Fisher.  Her favorite part about playing Lois was learning Latin.  “Learning Latin is something I never thought I would do,”  said Howard, who found the BHS drama experience very gratifying. She enjoyed getting to know upperclassmen and suggests that everyone should try out for the shows. Howard hopes to pursue acting professionally.

Although the onstage talent got the show on the road, there was also a lot of work put in backstage.  The set was authentic and eye catching, and the performers’ microphones and theater lighting had to be kept under control as well.

Bradford Douglas, a member of the stage crew explained, “It was very vigorous time wise, but rewarding. I had a lot of fun and made new friends.”

Heyman encourages interested students to join the drama club.  Although the performances are a major commitment, theater introduces new experiences, improves teamwork and allows students to learn more about themselves.

“It can end up being one of the most rewarding experiences they’ve ever had,” Heyman said.

If you are interested in being in the next show, contact Ms. Heyman or keep your eyes peeled for audition posters.

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“The Children’s Hour” Addresses Serious Themes