The Beachcomber

Sarah Carringtons nephew Ivan meets her rabbit Max.

In a Lonely Year, Many Find Comfort in Quarantine Pets

Anna Lonzer, Staff Writer April 6, 2021

A teenage girl sits on her bed. She is logged into class when her baby bunny comes into her room and looks at her with big, pleading eyes, begging for a lift.  The big-eared gray rabbit settles down...

This kitten was waiting for a loving owner in September.  Photo by Jeffrey Zuckerman.

Animal Protective League: Helping Those in Need

October 13, 2010

by Jeffrey Zuckerman, Staff Writer Gal, a large, 10 year- old Labrador Retriever arrived in 2008 at the Cleveland Animal Protective League (APL). She was an extremely mellow good-natured dog that got...

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