The Beachcomber

Prior Review and Student Censorship — Where’s the Line?

Amy Chen, Editor-in-Chief

October 14, 2020

During the past few years, The Beachcomber's coverage has come under increasing scrutiny, just as professional journalists have been increasingly attacked by politicians.  However, while the First Amendment may guarantee freedom of speech and freedom of the press, as a student publication that underg...

Illinois High School Tests Limits of Student Expression

Students expected to pick up their weekly newspaper when they walked into school on November 20th. Photo by Jeffrey Zuckerman.

December 22, 2009

By Monica Arkin, Staff Writer Friday, Nov. 20th was a unique day at Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire, Illinois. As students walked through the main doors in the morning, they expected to pick up their weekly issue of the school paper, The Statesman. Instead, they were greeted by a silent and empty-handed newspaper staff who were protesting the recent censorship of th...