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Students respond to survey questions for the Herd Against Hate forum. Photo by Haleigh McPhillips

It’s Our Turn to Promote Unity and Stand Against Hate

Beachcomber Staff December 3, 2018

The last few years has seen an uptick in racist and discriminatory behavior throughout our nation. It has even infiltrated our Beachwood Bubble. Hatred has trickled down from the leaders of our nation’s...

Image by Viral faisalovers via thenounproject

Ban the Bag

Gabe Stern, Staff Writer October 10, 2018

Plastic bags: They’re a part of our everyday life. We use them when we are grocery shopping, shoe shopping or bringing leftovers home from a local restaurant. Plastic bags were first introduced in...

Beachwood's SAY Counselor Mallory Molls spoke at the assembly on the first day of school.  Molls has recently accepted a job out of state. Beachwood is seeking a new SAY Counselor.

Want to Improve Students’ Mental Health? Start by Giving Us a Voice

Orly Einhorn, Opinion Editor October 1, 2018

According to the World Health Organization, 800,000 people die due to suicide each year, and in the past year two Beachwood students were included in that number, so it makes sense that the school has...

Photo by Josh Goetz

Dear Freshmen,

Bridgitte Feldman, Staff Writer September 13, 2018

Below you’ll find guidance from myself and other sophomores who contributed their advice in a survey sent out a few weeks ago. It hasn’t been long since we were freshman, and no one really told us...

Finding Hope in the Age of School Shootings

Orly Einhorn, Staff Writer May 20, 2018

I attended the March For Our Lives in Washington D.C. on March 24. I listened as student after student from across the United States spoke about their experience with gun violence, watched as Sam Fuentes...

Senior Katelyn Perryman addresses the school at the One Bison Summit on March 22. Photo by Amy Chen.

Students Need to Be the Ones to Make Positive Change

Beachcomber Staff March 22, 2018

While the ONE Campaign summit was thought-provoking and successful, it takes more than just discussions and lectures to create positive change at Beachwood. The students themselves must take initiative. Yeah,...

Cartoon by Jinle Zhu

Unregulated Guns Are Claiming Innocent Lives

Ben Connor, Sports Editor March 22, 2018

I have never been in a situation where a gunman has sought to take my life, and I can’t even imagine the horrors that go along with an event like that. My experiences with school shootings have only...

Last year, Dr. Hardis responded to Max's email with this photo of a Bison in the snow. Image by Steve Maslowski via Wikimedia Commons.

When Intellectual Entrepreneurs Have to Trudge Through a Thick Wet Blanket of Snow

Max Alter, Online Editor-in-Chief March 2, 2018

Once again, we find ourselves back in this position. On Mar. 14 of 2017, Beachwood (along with Heights) was seemingly the only school district open in the area. And, what do you know, it happened...

Image by Jinle Zhu

In Loving Memory of Abigail M. Bendis

Jinle Zhu, Editor-in-Chief January 26, 2018

There are a million different stories to tell about Abby, some of which I probably won’t ever find the confidence to share. But what comes to mind immediately is the day we climbed onto her roof. The...

Photo by Max Alter

The Road Always Traveled By

Jacob Borison, Staff Writer January 25, 2018

One day, an overconfident, distracted teenager was driving home from football practice. After driving to and from practice every day for four months, the concept of a school zone had completely slipped...

Cartoon by Jinle Zhu

College Application Stress is Too Much, Too Soon

Orly Einhorn, Staff Writer January 25, 2018

“But you’re a junior. You don’t have to worry about college yet!” Perhaps laughing when people say this to me isn’t the best response. But I do, because the truth, the one I’ve experienced,...

An Attitude We Can All Learn From

Kevin Zhang, Staff Writer October 23, 2017

When the bell rang, the talking and joking stopped immediately, replaced by a sense of urgency and focus. School had started. For the students of Chifeng #4 Senior Middle School, located in a small...

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