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There are many brands that categorize Beachwood – the most prevalent being the infamous boot brand Ugg. Some would say these suede boots epitomize the conformity of teenage high schoolers but does that really cover basis for judgment? When you think about it, probably more than a fifth of the school owns a pair of Uggs but definitely more than a fifth of the school owns an iPhone! Perhaps a shoe vs phone scenario isn’t easily imaginable based on ease of comparison but I’m not sure you can judge a high school based on the shoes, or phones, for that matter, its students buy. Look at the brand – Apple has created a name for itself, targeting young adults. If the company is geared towards a specific age group and is able to attract that age group, go them! In our capitalist economy there is going to be competition and there is going to be monopoly – this is all inevitable. So if Ugg is able to manipulate the market, then fine because there is not much that any of us can do about that. The practical advice would be, as complex as it may sound, to make the next big thing. Uggs are a bland shoe in that they are practically variants of the same shoe, color aside. Overpriced as they may be, they are comfortable and don’t look to shabby. Yes, there are better, cheaper shoes on the market but if this is what kids want, then this is what kids buy. And let me tell you, kids are buying Uggs. Give it a good five years and the crowd will move on… Maybe knee length socks will come back!

Happy Holidays!


THE    C A T W A L K


Sweater Weather

Though our lovely city has been experiencing brief moments of warmth and sunshine, we all know what’s coming next: the blizzard-avalanche-superstorm. Honestly, I hope that by now everyone is beginning to expect it, because, let’s be honest, Cleveland has always been one for bipolar weather. To prevent the season from being absolutely deplorable, let’s take a look at what clothing more or less “fits” and accentuates the weather.

Firstly, we have sweaters: The comfortable and stylish-if-you-do-it-right option – Warm, occasionally colorful, and somewhat pain free, sweaters have been a go-to option for…well…ever.

Next, we have the sweatshirt: Oh dear. The pros and cons list for the sweatshirt is endless. Bottom line: extremely cold day = XL sweatshirt, not extremely cold day = anything but a sweatshirt

Finally, the long sleeve tee: Comfortable, sporty and warm, long sleeve tees are my personal favorite. They not only lack the baggage of a sweatshirt, but also maintain a level of appearance.

To be honest, in terms of fashion, winter is the hardest season to keep in mind. That being said, no one is going to judge you on your sweatshirt of choice because not freezing to death takes top priority in the matter. Sweaters, if possible, are always nice but even I understand you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

Stay warm!

THE    C A T W A L K


Fashion in the 216

By Swathi Srinivasan

With PFW having reached a close, I have had time (all of five minutes) to think about what fashion means to us commoners in the middle class. Let’s be honest, the people that can afford Dolce and Gabbana dresses without having gone in debt are the high minority. So what, then, constitutes everyday fashion? If not the quad-digit-priced runway fashion, then Lululemon leggings? Jeans and T’s? These comfy, nonetheless default outfits have seemed to plague us students of the world. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it seems that fashion’s ‘creativity’ has been overrun with the idea of ‘comfort’, guised in long, 6T sized leggings. It is my opinion that neither comfort nor creativity have to be sacrificed in the hunt for affordable clothing; places like Marshall’s and Nordstrom Rack support this assertion. For example, a decent $14.99 dress from Marshall’s can combine with a solid pair of leggings for a nice 2-for-1 special, as opposed to a Hollister sweatshirt and leggings. As hypocritical as it may sound, for since the 6th grade the latter outfit has been my signature, the effort and example set by the affordability-preaching revolutionaries is one to be followed. I am by no means suggesting conformity, merely the idea that small changes in wardrobe can make big differences, such as a headband, scarf or even necklace. Honestly, whether or not you choose to implement these changes is a decision only affecting one person, yourself. If you are comfortable in your current Tee/Jeans fashion sense, by all means, keep doing what you’re doing, if it’s what pleases YOU. After all, you are your chief justice.

Just don’t forget,

A little accessorizing never killed anybody…


THE    C A T W A L K



By: Swathi Srinivasan

I can’t think of a better time to launch this blog than inarguably the most important week in the fashion world: Paris Fashion Week. Coveted and exclusive labels such as Hermès, Louis Vuitton and Chanel place tall, thin and perhaps starved models on the runway, wearing designs fresh out of the atelier. Yet, these designs can be one step higher than “fresh”, overlapping the “bizarre” area. In an effort to modernize and impress, designers are introducing more of the “out-of-the-world” aspect to their designs, as can be seen in Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel runway, set in a grocery store. Items from this Fall/Winter 2014/15 collection feature a $4,900 pink, milk carton shaped, python handbag as well as a $8,800 lambskin and pvc, candy-shaped bag, also in bright pink. Don’t get me wrong, Chanel has some great pieces that are both Coco Chanel-inspired and Lagerfeld-inspired. However, someone has to question whether a milk carton shaped handbag will ever be fashionable. Lagerfeld might be able to pull off collections modeled around his cat, Choupette, but can he also pull off $1,680 keychain dolls that look like him? Well, the fashionistas and Kardashians of the world are saying “yes” because apparently Fendi had a waiting list for these dolls. Maybe I’m not one to judge because even I want the stares and fame that come with a classic CC Double Flap Bag. Yet, you can’t forget that these bags are called “classics” for a reason… they’re pretty old. The new designs such as the candy and milk carton bags are innovative but that’s not to say that they’re not as innovative as they are bizarre. As far as I can see, Lagerfeld and the rest of the fashion world are walking the tightrope between innovation and eccentricity, but it’s not my opinion that counts in judging the friendliness of the current runway. We just have to wait for Anna Wintour to speak on the matter…

Until then…


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